The Man and Woman Who Married The Internet

Fall 2018, Shanghai

Individual Work

“The Man and Woman Who Married The Internet” is a machinima that imagines the human relationship in the post-internet era. It is the final project for “Aesthetics for the New Realities”, instructed by Sheldon Brown.

In this project, I use photogrammetry to create different absurd models of myself, and apply it to the unity environment that I build. The video is divided into three stages. It starts with many digital rooms where the protagonists stay at. The man and woman in the rooms are two lonely human beings who decide to marry the Internet and never talk to each other. The second stage is the wild nature where the human brains becomes individual islands which connect each characters. After that, the scene transfers to “Internet Hell”. The protagonist constructs a statue with his head. He gets trapped in the hell, then died alone.

Background Music samples from The 1975 “The Man Who Married a Robot”.




Screenshots from the short machinima



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