Inner Chaos

Spring 2017, Shanghai

Role: Game Designer, UI Designer, 3D Model Designer, Software Developer

Inner Chaos is an Augmented Reality game developed by Zeyao, Shirley and Collin. The game is meant to explore the relationship between the physical world at NYU Shanghai and the digital world on the phone. The player uses the phone camera to scan the common object to equip the “backpack”, and uses the equipment in the backpack to fight the enemy in the digital world. Key items that allow the player to get into the digital world are also required to be found. The goal of the game is to beat the enemy and save the school.

Inner Chaos is designed for Augmented Reality Storytelling class at NYU Shanghai. The requirement from the class is to develop an AR storytelling project for NYU. When we brainstormed the idea, the team all agreed on building an AR game to tell the story.


Game Concept:

NYU Shanghai is in chaos, and you, the player, is appointed to save the school. You notice that there are two worlds at school: a regular world (the physical world that we exist) and an inner world (the digital world that only exists on your digital devices). As the saver, you need to beat your enemies in the inner world to make the regular world peaceful again.

The Rules:

  • You collect items by scanning the item in the real world (eg. drinking machine=water)
  • You use the items collected to equip yourself.
  • You may obtain a key item that allows you to enter the inner world
  • You survive the inner world stage and get a clue for the next key item.
  • Once you clear all the inner world stages, you will get a clue for the final boss.
  • You scan the item based on the clue and you fight with the final boss.
  • Positive Feedback:

  • You survive from the battle and defeat it.
  • You get the clue from the demon and enter the next level.
  • Negative Feedback:

  • You will be sent to the saving point
  • Assets Requirement:

  • tems to collect (equipment)
  • The key item to the inner world
  • Animated enemies’ models (small enemy & Boss)
  • Sound materials - BGM, sound effect
  • Some basic story scripts to set the scene
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