Beijinger in New York

Fall 2018, Shanghai

Individual Work


“Beijinger in New York” is a programming design book that explains the cultural differences between Beijing and New York. It is a visual exploration via coding about the distinctions of these two great cities where I lived at.

The book targets the children from primary school and junior school who are curious about the culture all around the world. It contains a consistent visual aesthetic for the reader to understand the differences and similarities in between Beijing and New York. The book also reflects my life experience in both cities.

book display1

book display2

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Since “Beijinger in New York” is fully made in JavaScript, each pair has similar algorithm to draw the objects with slight changes. Through the code, I want to emphasize that the small changes in the algorithm can cause big cultural differences, yet we are all human beings created by a similar gene.

This book is the final project for “Programming Design System” class taught by Prof.Rune Madson, and it will continue as an on-going project. It is inspired by “East Meets West: An Infographic Portrait by Yang Liu” and “Paris versus New York by Vahram Muratyan”. If you have any idea about the comparison, shoot me a message!

First Version:









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