Zeyao Li


Broken Heart Museum

“Broken Heart Museum” is a mixed reality museum that brings the visitor to a room of a broken heart. It digs into possibilities of mixing the physical world and the virtual world, ultimately blending both of them together.

Shanghai, China
#WebVR #a-frame #Javascript #Museum

The Man and Woman Who Married the Internet

“The Man and Woman Who Married The Internet” is a machinima that imagines the human relationship in the post-internet era.

Shanghai, China
#Machinima #Unity #Photogrammetry #SpeculativeMedia

Beijinger in New York

“Beijinger in New York” is a programming design book that explains the cultural differences between Beijing and New York. It is a visual exploration via coding about the distinctions of these two great cities where I lived at.

Shanghai, China
#p5js #Design #Javascript #ProgrammingBook #Illustration

Another Layer

“Another Layer” is an augmented reality tool that invites the visitor to scan the paintings in the museum and explore their underlying layers. It creates an interactive and in-depth experience to show the history and the creating process of creating paintings.

New York, New York
#WebAR #Javascript #Museum #Art

Inner Chaos

"Inner Chaos" is an Augmented Reality shooting game. It explores the relationship between the physical world and the digital world. The player uses the phone camera to scan common objects to equip the “backpack”, and uses the equipment in the backpack to fight the enemy in the digital world.

Shanghai, China
#AR #Unity #UI #3DModeling #Vuforia #GameDesign

Moonwalk Robot

Moonwalk Robot is a shy creature that moves backwards when visitors get close to it.

Shanghai, China
#Arduino #PhysicalComputing #RoboticDesign


"Annoy" is a roommate simulator that lets you take revenge and piss off your roommate, because your roommate puts googly eyes on everything he can. It is a casual and adventure game.

Shanghai, China
#GameDevelopment #GameDesign #UnrealEngine4

Step Out

Step Out is a public installation that encourages students to step out their comfort zones and be more active at school.

Shanghai, China, 2016
#Installation #Processing #ProjectionMapping
logo design

Gogo X Other Store Logo Design

This is a generative logo design for "gogo X other store". The logos are based on the shape of each collection. They are designed for women who have just stepped into their professional careers.

Shanghai, China
#p5js #Javascript #LogoDesign #DigitalFabrication

Perks of Being a Wallflower Cover Design

This is a book cover design for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". Illustration and design by me.

New York, New York, 2017
#Design #Illustration

Outer Radius

"Outer Radius" is a creative coding project that presents the sound visualization for the Cashmere Cat song “Mirror Maru”.

Shanghai, China
#CreativeCoding #AudioVisual

拆 (Marked for Destruction)

“Marked for Destruction” is an analog photography project which criticizes the aggressive and abrupt destructions that the Beijing government made in November 2017.

Prague, Czech Republic, 2017
#AnalogPhotography #Exhibition

Holešovice Princess

"Holešovice Princess" is an analog photography project that explores the relationship between the fashion scene and the eponymous district in Prague.

Prague, Czech Republic, 2017
#AnalogPhotography #Exhibition